Paid a lot of money for both the game and the season pass on the Xbox 360 and not only do I only get half of the DLC compared to the Xbox One I can not even play the Cold Darkness DLC nine times out of ten.

Here is what I have to do to even get a chance of playing it.

To load a current game:

Load game.
Go to Expeditions menu
Select Cold Darkness
Press X to go to the Market Place
WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT for my credits to come up and the first tab of cards (Bronze etc)
If the cards do not come up I get kicked back and told the servers are not available If so go back to the previous step, press X and WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT
Press B to go back to the Cold Darkness menu if they do appear
WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT for the prisoners and kills menu to load
Press A for resume
Nine times out of ten even after all that I get a black screen as the game has crashed.

To start a new game:

Same as the above except for the challenge cards constantly reset after making a selection plus there is the nine out of ten chance I will have to wait for the cards to load as well. then there is the same chance the game will crash upon starting.

This is unacceptable when is this going to be fixed?? I tried taking the game back to the shop but am unable to get a refund and even if I could I paid for the season pass online.