Hello Agents & Community and Developer:

Have an improvement suggestions (Improved user experience):

3. Options or Variants:

You can select / switch all items by quick selection per Button without pressing the I (Pc Version & Console Version Button for the menu.) and selecting the item.

  • Feature: Previous weapon and next weapon.

2. The number buttons for the Pc version: 1 to 9 (0)

For example:
Press the key 1 on the keyboard to select the Silencer-Gun.
Press the key 2 on the keyboard to select the Knife.
Press the key 3 on the Keyboard to select the Rat Poison.

What you select can be set manually in the options, for example:
Key 1 the Knife instead of the Silencer-Gun.

If you want to open the map, you must always go to the menu.
You can see the map by quick selection without going into the menu

  • Feature: open Map by quick selection.