Recently I decided to relive previous TR games and dug out my TR trilogy for PS3 that has TRA, TRL, and TRU. Granted I didn't mind the story for TRU and especially seeing Natla again was great. However I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but Lara's movements in the game really suck. I press buttons to make her jump a certain way and she jumps the opposite way or even into certain death when I didn't push the buttons to make her do that. She also seems to get stuck on things easily. I try to move and she seems to be stuck in a certain spot and has her arms out like something is in her way but there isn't anything. Today I was in Xibalba and she was stuck in cracks in the floor and before she was facing dead branches on the floor and I was pressing buttons to get her to a certain way and it's as if the branches were stuck to her and she wouldn't move. I had her jump several times to get her out of that mode. I also hate it when she does the baby steps to get onto her bike instead of just one step and get on the bike she's like tiny step forward, tiny step left, tiny step closer to bike and onto bike. I'm like "just get in the freaking bike already"!