It may sound strange, but although I am a guy, I have the veins, and markings, of Priestess Kai/Ki, from Square Enix's Makai Toushi Saga 2: Hihou Densetsu, Goddess of Destiny/Final Fantasy Legend II, in my hands, and feet. I think it means I am the real life version of Priestess Kai/Ki. What do the fans here think? Also, have you heard of Mist Walker, and G.Rev? Mist Walker, is by a former Square Enix employee, while G.Rev, is by former Taito employees. As you may know, Square Enix now owns Taito. Hope Square Enix, will ally with Mist Walker, and G.Rev. The above link, is an Oxford Dictionary definition of "Eidos," of which Square Enix also owns. Thank you.