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Thread: Bug Report Thread

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    bugname: when you shoot beer bottles in paris there not making a loud crashing sound.
    platform pc
    location usa
    date/time today
    issue: if you wanna have fun and shoot the brown beer bottles with the silencer gun in the nightclub they are not making a loud realistic crashing sound.(actually they make no sound at all when you shoot the brown beer bottles!)no problems at all when you shoot any of the green beer bottles or any liquor bottles. only the brown beer bottles to the left of the bar on the side where the runway is. please fix this
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    Bug Name: AI scripting bug - npc going to wrong location for vomiting after being injected with emetic
    Date/Time: December 2016/ 8pm
    Platform: PC
    Location: California
    Issue: In contract ID #1-08-5456748-88 when injecting Toby Hicks with an emetic syringe in his bathroom he proceeds to go outside and vomit in the trash can (which is suppose to be off limits to the public) instead of vomiting in his own bathroom which is much closer (considering he is only 4 feet away from the toilet)!

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    Bug Name: concealing weapon behind back still gets spotted by guards
    Date/Time: March 7 2017/ 11pm
    Platform: PC
    Location: California
    Issue: When 47 has a weapon drawn and hides it behind his back the guards still get suspicious and blow 47's cover. Whats the point of hiding weapon behind your back when you still get spotted for holding a weapon? I noticed this in the escalation mission the adrian eclipse.

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    Want to report a heavy bug in a challenge.

    Bug Name: Award is not displayed. Challenge: Get What You Wish For and The Bells Are Ringing in Sapziena
    Date/Time: Found at 6.3.2017 7:00 pm/ 19 Uhr Timezone UTC Berlin
    Platform: Pc
    Location: Germany
    Issue: Goal is killed, there is no message with challenge completed. Award is not displayed. The same problem with the fountain near the morgue by the church.

    See Screenshot with the name of the Challenge.

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    bug name:electric strip not in front of shed anymore in paris and paris runway music issue
    date/time: not sure
    platform pc
    issue: did the game developers remove the electric strip in front of the shed in paris or is this a technical issue? its when you use the screw driver to mess with it then the person gets electrocuted. also, the loud runway music in paris gets low sometimes. thats not supposed to happen. and recently i noticed sometimes the loud long guns in paris sometimes get really low. meaning the sound gets low.

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    Bug: none, because Game crashes, when try to play first story mission in loading screen.
    System :Ps4
    issue:Game is unplayable because of crashes in loading screen.
    Date:8 March 2017
    Please fix it fast. It wasnt cheap.

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    there have been sound problems with that runway music since day one. It gets fixed, then broken, then fixed, and back to broken. Sometimes loud, sometimes not there at all, sometimes just right, sometimes cuts off midway through, it's a mess. Same thing with guns and especially explosions. I haven't noticed the missing strip, and to be honest don't really care. I've lost all interest.

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    Bug Name: Bonus missions not loading
    Date/Time: 13/03/2016 or 14/03/2016
    Platform: PlayStation 4
    Location: Dublin, Ireland
    Issue: I bought a hard copy of Hitman (Steelbook Edition) but only recently (either the 13/03/16 or 14/03/16)
    entered the promotion code to download the Requiem Blood Money Pack and the Bonus Missions
    (Landslide, The Icon & A House Built on the Sand) They both downloaded successfully, but the bonus
    missions wont load when i select them, the red loading screen comes up, but after that the screen
    goes black and the game freezes, when this happens i can still access the PS menu, but the mission
    doesn't load.
    The strange thing is that the Requiem Blood Money Pack must have worked because i have access
    to the Requiem white suit, the Pale Duck and the Silver Baller.
    Link: I have no links as i havn't found anyone else with this problem. Thanks.

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    Bug Name: Tutorial Escalation Challenge Not Unlocking
    Date/Time: 03/13/17
    Platform: Playstation 4
    Location: ICA Facility
    Issue: I had all challenges at the ICA facility completed, including the escalation challenges, before an update a couple of days ago. After the update I no longer have the challenge for completing ten escalations, which means I don't have access to the SMG that is unlocked by completing it. I tried resetting both escalations and completing them each the full five times once again, and that still did not unlock the challenge, so something is bugged.
    Link: I'd post a picture but not sure how to get one off of my PS4.

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    Bug Name: Chinese subtitles problems
    Date/Time: 18 March 2017
    Platform: PC
    Location: China
    1.There are no subtitles for elusive targets, neither briefing videos nor in-game. This is annoying since there is a new elusive target we can play.
    2.Some briefing videos and cinematic videos' subtitles have timeline issue.
    3.Targets' name got no translated in briefing and in-game HUD.
    4.In "A House Built On Sand" briefing video, the line "Your destination is Marrakesh, Morocco." is missing.
    5.In "Landslide", target's name "Abiatti" has multiple translation.
    6.There could be more! I hope you can test Chinese subtitles more carefully.
    Link: N/A

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    Bug Name: Throwable items cannot be retrieved
    Date/Time: 24 March 2017
    Platform: PC
    Location: Europe

    Can't pick up Mixtape 47 or ICA phone after turning it on, and placing it on the ground for the second time.
    Same thing applies to coins, crowbars etc etc.
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