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Thread: I got an Idea and suggestion. maybe a community project game?

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    I got an Idea and suggestion. maybe a community project game?

    I got an idea and suggestion for this lounge. since this lounge is very quiet, maybe we should try making an community project game to bring in some people in. it sound dumb, but sound fun at the same time. mods and users do think its a good idea or not. The game should be free though. if good idea, we need to make sub forum section for music, characters, ect. and require admin to see if this good idea. we need to make a programming team using c++ with visual studio. we need to make concepts and prototypes. Square enix may need to acquire ip maybe, but have the game free made as a community project. hopefully square allow us to make an community project, I hope so. Forgot to mention, we need to have trustful users to join the project for story and programming so they won't spoil the game.

    mods what do you think? you can close this if its an bad idea.
    if good idea, any suggestion users and mods?

    I made concepts of my own game. I can give it to the community as an community project, if the mods skype me to see if its ok and I ask my friend about it if its ok. To actually show my concept work on skype, but they might need a prototype anyways. My friend help me to show me some mistakes to consider but, he didn't help me on making and giving ideas to my concepts.
    Edit: decided not to give my concept to the community until I talk to my friend about what to do with my concept.

    I probably post my some info of my game concept in a new thread so you guys see what my game will be anyways. I just feel like suggesting.

    sorry about my english.
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    Nice. Good luck and all the best.

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