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Thread: Featured Contracts Submission Thread

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    Platform: PS4

    User: josephfm

    Title: New Russian Twins

    Location: Paris / The Showstoper

    CID: 2-02-3951387-77

    A contract has been issued 47, and you have been cleared to engage. Your targets are twin sisters Irina and Alex Vladimir, daughters of Russian oligarch Vladislav Vladimir.

    The twins are making a name for themselves within the fashion industry and with their father backing them up financially, there is nothing stopping them from taking the whole industry by storm.

    Our client doesn't want that to happen 47, you know what you have to do, good luck!

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    Platform: PS4

    User: josephfm

    Title: Witness Protection Paradise

    Location: Sapienza / World of Tomorrow

    CID: 2-03-6862728-77

    These 3 targets are in the witness protection program. They have been relocated to Sapienza and given a new identity.

    1. Paolo Fellegara
    Real name: Timmy Lovak
    Ex-member of the Demon Riders biker gang, USA.

    2. Cesario Bolognese
    Real name: Fergus Cunningham
    Ex-member of the Glasgow Smiley Boys, Scotland.

    3. Emilio Milani
    Real name: Julio Herrera
    Ex-member of the Santo Sangre (Bloody Saint) drug cartel, Peru.

    Eliminate all targets 47, good luck!

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    Platform: PS4

    User: josephfm

    Title: Unwilling Donors

    Location: Bangkok / Club 27

    CID: 2-08-278844-77

    Dr. Jones Yama is incharge of an illegal organ trafficking operation working out of Bangkok, Thailand that supplies the needs of the rich and powerful that seek treatment at the GAMA private hospital in Hokkaido, Japan.

    He works with a local thug who finds the "donors" for the doctor to operate on, most of the time by force.

    Eliminate both targets 47, good luck!

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    Feb 2017
    Everett, WA
    Platform: Xbox One
    User: Doc Rickenstien
    Title: BALDerdash!!
    Location: Sapienza
    Description: The barber of Sapienza goes mad due to the trend of shaved heads started by Helmut Kruger.
    Contract ID: 3-03-2053246-89

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