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Thread: Featured Contracts Submission Thread

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    Broken Shower [PC] ID: 1-08-0667238-67
    User: Urben ; Location: Bangkok


    Do it for her [PC] ID: 1-08-7378054-67
    User: Urben ; Location: Bangkok


    The Burning Man Miracle [PC] - ID: 1-10-1844258-67
    User: Urben ; Location: Hokkaido


    Also please consider these recent contracts:
    I posted them here just some days before the last Featured Contracts update, so it might have been too close to be put into the last selection.
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    Platform: Xbox One
    User: Silverballer550 (credit as Silverballer99)
    Title: Ghost Runner
    Location: Hokkaido
    Contract ID: 3-10-8443813-41

    This is a contract I made in Hokkaido while trying to create a swift contract with good flow, but I unintentionally made a challenging puzzle contract. This one requires lateral thinking and is satisfying to solve. Inspired by Ed_ll3's Pump Fiction.
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    Platform: Xbox One
    User: Silverballer550 (credit as Silverballer99)
    Title: Ghost in the Machine
    Location: Hokkaido
    Contract ID: 3-10-5635297-41

    This is the best puzzle contract I have made yet. The briefing is short, but effective, and the gameplay is excellent. You have to think laterally for every kill, and infiltration is also a factor. This one may take a long time for players to complete, but is rewarding as well. Definitely deserves to be featured.
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    game has become so frikkin' stale

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    Platform: Xbox One
    User: Silverballer550 (credit as Silverballer99)
    Title: The Great Virus Robbery
    Location: Hokkaido
    Contract ID: 3-03-5577012-41

    This is the best contract I have amde so far. It combines freeform style and infiltration sequences, and is great fun to play. The briefing is interesting and gives a good backstory, and the targets all offer something different: Lorenzetti has a great routine and lots of potential kills, but is not too easy to get; Endrizzi is well-entrenched in the mansion and getting to him suit only is difficult and forces the player to use unusual routes; and Nasi has a long routine and some unusual kills from outside the mansion however if you want to get him in the mansion you must use unusual routes again. Most people take around 10 minutes to do this on their first try, so it's not too long or too short, but my best speedrun is 3:33. I'm sure some people could smash that. All in all, an exceleent contract, and it would be really awesome if you guys could feature it and it could become my first featured.
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    Made these contracts awhile back. Hopefully one one of these contracts make it into the featured list.

    Sounds of Animals Fighting.
    Non-restrictive contract that has you kill members of cicada in the underground lab.

    Sapienza (Icon)
    ID: 2-05-4055410-79
    Last contract i made for the Icon. I think it's very enjoyable. The only restriction you have to wear a suit for all kills.

    Cut-Throat Business
    ID: 2-08-1674493-79
    A restrictive contract set in Jordan's suite of the Himmapan Hotel. You must wear a chef outfit and use a chef knife to kill all targets. Very challenging and fun.

    The Man Who Sold The World
    ID: 2-10-1017000-79
    One last non-restrictive contract. 4 targets that must be killed. They cover alot of the map. Quite a few people liked this one in the HitmanForums.

    You can find me on hitman forums as STEVEORSOMTHING. My profile has a list of many contracts that i have made. I hand picked my favorite ones on that list. Thank you for considering me.

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    Hi guys, I have a Hokkaido contract. I thought of this at 4am while trying to stay awake at work and then spent the rest of the day making it once I got home . Although some people may struggle to complete it in a short time, I don't believe it's so challenging that multiple restarts would be necessary. This contract aims to take players all over the map and reintroduces them to characters whom they would have met in the story. I put a fair amount of thought into this one and enjoyed making it. Hopefully you guys enjoy it too.

    Platform: Xbox One
    User: ILikeGAMESish
    Title: Director's Cut
    Location: Situs Inversus, Hokkaido

    Good evening, 47. Our client is a director of a rival healthcare provider whose hospital has suffered due to the pool of talent employed by GAMA. He has tasked us with removing The Curator, the Chief Surgeon, the Morgue Doctor and a stem cell specialist - all experts in their field. Also on the list is a former patient of our client, get rid of her. Nakamura's chip must be registered at the targets last known location to draw suspicion but do not kill him or get seen. Good luck, 47
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    Kill Order: Shop-owner's bastards (PC) 1-03-2014072-67 World of Tomorrow Urben

    The Art Critic (PC) 1-04-1673146-67 Landslide Urben

    The Trick (PC) 1-02-5124447-67 Paris Urben

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    A bit of a challenge. The player will have to infiltrate the field lab with the priest disguise to help bring some equilibrium to those who sorely need some guidance.
    You're No God
    Sapienza, World of Tomorrow

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    These contracts are not mine. I am submitting them for a friend called STEVEORSOMTHNG on HMF, and these are his first submissions so it would mean a great deal to him if you could feature one. They are all great quality, 'Sounds of Animals Fighting' in particular gained a lot of attention. Hope you enjoy.

    User: STEVEORSOMTHING (be careful, spelt without an E)
    Platform: PS4

    Sounds of Animals Fighting
    ID: 2-03-1604110-79

    Makes great use of the Biolab and the targets are fun reference yo some people on HMF.

    Sapienza (icon)
    ID: 2-05-4055410-79

    A fun and easy challenge for any player.

    Cut-Throat Business
    ID: 2-08-1674493-79

    A challenging contract that covers Jordan's suite in the Himmapan. My best restrictive contract yet.

    The Man Who Sold The World
    ID: 2-10-1017000-79

    No restrictions.
    A contract I made awhile back. Got quite a bit of attention on HMF and received positive feedback from it.

    P.S. Descriptions were written by him, not me.

    Edit: It seems his original post managed to come through. Anyway, this post has the pictures, so you can reference either post if you would like.
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    The Heist Stopper

    This is a fun but challenging contract with a great story and theme to it...I got the idea of the name from the main mission title The Showstopper and i been thinking about what other location would be perfect for a heist contract than Paris so i came up with The name The Heist have to eliminate five targets who are planning to execute a heist which will land them a very pricey diamond necklace,i gave players tons of freedom with any disguise and any method which always make for a very fun contract...I think the community would have a lot of fun playing this so lets give them a chance to stop a heist thanks.

    Platform: PS4
    User: xGURUx83
    Title: The Heist Stopper
    Location: Paris
    Contract ID: 2-02-6000861-27

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    The Headshot Master

    Ok season 1 is well underway and I think its time to turn up the heat...First off you have five targets that need to be eliminated wearing the Headmaster disguise...All five targets are located at the school and have to be eliminated with a pistol...Players must know the ins and outs of the school like the Headmaster...This contract should be featured because its a challenging contract and very well thought out...Plus I haven't seen any featured contracts with the Headmaster disguise being used or the school area so i decided to knock both out with one stone...I would love to see the community give this contract a shot...The Headshot Master class is now in session...Thanks.

    Platform: PS4
    User: xGURUx83
    Title: The Headshot Master
    Location: Marrakesh
    Contract ID: 2-06-6218774-27

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    I am submitting this contract as my Top Choice. I spent a week making it, about 20 hours in total, 4 hours a day testing out NPC routes, starting locations, and routes to make this contract as best as it can be.

    Its called Spiral. The reason for the name is because all 5 targets are located in a circle. This contract is unique because all 5 targets are on 1 level but they are far apart. I chose these targets because not many contracts use them and they are pretty colorful. I really enjoyed making this contract and I put a lot of energy into it.

    You have to kill 4 VIP's and a Stylist.

    It seems like a difficult contract but it's not really as hard as it seems, and there are MANY ways to do it and many routes and possible times. I think the community would really like it.

    Platform: PS4
    User: LSxO (Credit as LSxO) please
    Title: Spiral
    Location: Paris
    Contract ID: 2-02-8583047-68

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    The idea for this contract popped into my head while I was making Spiral. It turned out to be popular as 6 people played it on the 1st day and I got a lot of positive feedback.

    There are many ways to do this contract, and many many possible times. Its a good competitive speed running contract but for casual gamers its also very fun.

    You have to kill 5 Stylists while disguised as a Stylist and the name of the contract is " In Style".

    Platform: PS4
    User: LSxO (Credit as LSxO) please
    Title: In Style
    Location: Paris
    Contract ID: 2-02-1586885-68

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    This contract is called Road to Ruin. The reason is that all 5 targets move around and they are heading 'to their ruin'. I got a lot of positive messages about this contract from the people who played it and a few people played it. Lots of possibilities with this contract and lots of options and routes to take.

    Platform: PS4
    User: LSxO (Credit as LSxO) please
    Title: Road to Ruin
    Location: Sapienza
    Contract ID: 2-03-5852468-68
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    An SASO Sniper contract set in Landslide.

    Title: Sightlines of Sapienza
    Contract ID: 1-04-6551244-68
    Location: Sapienza (Evening)
    Platform: Steam
    User: Quine

    (Use Contract ID when searching. I have two contracts with this name.)

    Three of the sniper targets are not too hard. The two targets in the church, however, are very tricky. They are the basis for this contract.

    The contract has an Easy Button if you just want to complete it or just want SA. If you aren't gunning for time, you can move the sniper rifle to the church in a bodyguard disguise or by having a guard take it to the morgue. Then, you can shoot one close-range and snipe the other. They're both fun shots and they make for a satisfying sniper assassin contract.

    BUT, if you don't want to hit the Easy Button, then you have to snipe the church targets from the apartments, and these shots are devillishly hard to find and hard to pull off. You need to sneak to tough locations, manipulate the environment, manipulate NPCs, pay careful attention to where NPCs are looking, and wallbang through an opaque window.

    Here is a video of a playthrough making the tough shots. (Put subtitles on for some commentary about what I'm doing.)


    Also, I've already posted a few other SA sniper contracts in this thread. Certain of these are still the strongest things I've made and they've aged really well. I'm hesitant to post newer contracts in this thread because they usually don't beat these older contracts.

    So, I want to invite you to keep them in mind for the future, if you ever want to fill out a collection of Featureds with a quality SA sniper contract in a certain location. They are:

    Outside Looking In: 1-02-4941823-68
    Rocky Mountain Rifleman: 1-09-4587465-68
    Night Marrakesh
    Foretold: 1-07-3435656-68

    (Sniper Mario would be among these too, but it got featured.)

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    Platform: PS4
    User: neo_rah
    Title: Hotel tricks
    Location: Bangkok
    Contract ID: 2-08-2066005-24

    I am submitting this contract for a friend of mine. He has played HITMAN since day 1 and has consistently been top 10 on every single story mission and featured contract and I would like to surprise him by hopefully getting 1 of his contracts featured.

    His contract is called Hotel tricks. Its a very clever contract. The reason is that some of the targets act as decoys to distract you from what you really should be doing if you wanna get a good time and score. It is a puzzle contract. nobody has fully figured it out but him out of the people who have played it.

    There were no contracts from Bangkok in the last bunch so I think 1 cool contract from there would be pretty cool
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    Results of Last Night
    Platform: PC
    ID : 1-03-8118095-41
    Briefing: in the picture

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    Platform: Steam
    User: Quine
    Title: Stay Outside the Fence
    Location: ICA Facility
    ID: 1-01-7860984-68

    I wanted to make an interesting ICA facility contract. The briefing of this one gives you an optional extra restriction: you must stay outside the fence. It makes for an interesting puzzle and unique puzzle. You have to set off car alarms to lure guards around, headshotting them just before they come across a body.

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    Platform: Xbox One
    Title: High Time
    Gamertag: JRok261
    ID: 3-03-7856280-46

    Posted this contract here months ago under a different title, but i thought I'd give it another shot. This is a SA/SO sniper contract for Sapienza. The targets are pretty far apart, making it difficult to snipe close range. Timing and knowledge of the map are key. Here's a link to a preview image, the targets, and the briefing.
    Silent Assassin is, of course, possible, and I've already had a user over on Hitmanforum beat my time!
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    Platform: Xbox One
    User: Ed ll3
    Title: Mirror Mirror
    Location: Hokkaido
    Contract ID: 3-10-2261773-88


    Mirror Mirror

    47, our client is an associate of a recent visitor to GAMA, and ex-employee of Quantum Leap. It seems current patient Jason Portman, who owes our client substantial recompense from the sale of QL, recommended the hospital’s procedures to their mutual friend. That friend has fallen victim to vanity, and to the excesses available at the facility, taking a... permanent turn for the worse after a cocktail of restaurant delicacies and drugs supplied by staff. Identify those responsible, shatter their identities, and seek revenge in the style the client requires. I will leave you to prepare.

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    Platform - PS4
    User - ExtremisAntares
    Title - The Tontine Expiry
    Location - Marrakesh
    Contract ID 2-06-8144743-34

    Viggo Hofsted Anderson - Currently on VIP protection detail

    Bashir Lubaid Sarkis - Currently on VIP protection detail - UPDATE - Off duty somewhere within VIP's vicinity.

    Mansoor Jamail - An engineer assigned to Consulate, tracking him may lead to the next target, who coincidentally is also his superior officer.

    Mukarram Javid - An officer no doubt among his men, I advise you save him for last 47, perhaps an improvised diversion will draw him out.

    Zaahir Faraj - Assigned somewhere on Consulate premises.

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    Platform- PS4
    User- GEMINIRED30
    Title- The Lady Killer
    Location- Sapienza
    Contract ID- 2-03-4296157-95

    Description- That slick Roberto Vargas has gotten sloppy as of late. Sure, he has a way with women, but he has been leaving a trail that local private investigator Sal Falcone has followed and recorded. Roberto has gotten wind of this, and now must attempt to cut his losses and leave this quaint ocean town. His targets are Sal Falcone and four lovers throughout Sapienza who, truth be told, would not take too kindly to find out about each other and would probably eliminate him in the process. Clear cut case of kill or be killed.

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    Platform: PS4

    User: josephfm

    Title: New Russian Twins

    Location: Paris / The Showstoper

    CID: 2-02-3951387-77

    A contract has been issued 47, and you have been cleared to engage. Your targets are twin sisters Irina and Alex Vladimir, daughters of Russian oligarch Vladislav Vladimir.

    The twins are making a name for themselves within the fashion industry and with their father backing them up financially, there is nothing stopping them from taking the whole industry by storm.

    Our client doesn't want that to happen 47, you know what you have to do, good luck!

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    Platform: PS4

    User: josephfm

    Title: Witness Protection Paradise

    Location: Sapienza / World of Tomorrow

    CID: 2-03-6862728-77

    These 3 targets are in the witness protection program. They have been relocated to Sapienza and given a new identity.

    1. Paolo Fellegara
    Real name: Timmy Lovak
    Ex-member of the Demon Riders biker gang, USA.

    2. Cesario Bolognese
    Real name: Fergus Cunningham
    Ex-member of the Glasgow Smiley Boys, Scotland.

    3. Emilio Milani
    Real name: Julio Herrera
    Ex-member of the Santo Sangre (Bloody Saint) drug cartel, Peru.

    Eliminate all targets 47, good luck!

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