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Thread: What if Max had another nosebleed after the RV?

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    Question What if Max had another nosebleed after the RV?

    This is something that I have been thinking about for a while now, and would like to hear from other people's perspectives on this.

    Right at the moment that Max showed Chloe proof of Rachel being in a relationship with Frank, what if Max had gotten another nosebleed and starts losing consciousness from overusing the rewind again and had to bail out in a hurry?

    (I kinda thought it was due to happen after using the rewind too much on Frank, Nathan and Officer Berry in the diner during my first time playing episode 3.)

    I mean, I feel like if that did happen, then maybe Chloe wouldn't have taken out all her rage on Max the way she did in her meltdown.

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    Now that you mention it it started to get my attention i am gonna try this out i just bought yesterday the game again for 10€ in the xbox one store again i had it first for my 360 and i am really exited to "REWIND" the Story again

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