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Thread: What Game Are You Currently Playing?

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    Deus Ex 2. Better than I remember.

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    Overwatch and DOTA2. Will be starting Deus Ex: Invisible War

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    Jul 2016
    Currently enjoying episode 2 of "Life Is Strange" after getting the first episode for free
    Another game I simultanously play is "Day of the Tentacle".

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    Halo 1 (The only halo game I own. I not too fond of xbox)

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    May 2015
    I used to live in ramsgate in England but recently moved to dover in kent about a year ago
    I'm currently playing rise of the tomb raider on ps4 and it is excellent I'm having a great time playing it. I keep feeling the strong urge to play it when I get really excited thinking about it and it is one the best times I've had for ages. I've recently felt depressed for the last 2 years so it is brilliant to play a new tomb raider game and be really happy with it, it has helped my depression quite a bit.

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    Hi all, now playing Final Fantasy XIV, waiting for the XV

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    Nov 2016
    What I am playing? I'm just saying Battlefield 1. One of the best online games this year. I like playing it with my friends. It just makes crazy fun. The graphics are so good that you think it would be the reality. Absolutely try it! Only recommendable.

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